Ayolta Human Resources Society

Regd No. H/Rs-3577,Dtd, 16/12/2003

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About Us

The Ayolta Human Resources Society Longleng was formed and consisting 14 (Fourteen) dedicated and energetic members for the enlistment of the common rural people and to improve the socio-economic condition of the concern society and individuals through the society was formed on 15th October 2003 with a goal to promote the sprit of the fraternity and unity, the society was Registration on 16/12/2003 vide No H/Rs-3577 on 16/12/2003.

The organization had been founded by Shri L. Himja Leinak Social Worker of Longleng for the development of Social justice, Cultural, Education for the Below Poverty Line & Children, Youths and general public of the society. From the period of establishment. It has worked among neglected areas of the Nagaland generally for backward classes disabled persons, scheduled Tribe for their development. It has a dedicated team of volunteers and witchingly workers for efficient completion of any project allotted to them. The organisation has also efficient Managing committee. The organisations main motto is to help those who are really deserves help for their development. The Ayolta Human Resource Society has working for the development of newly established district Longleng, Nagaland.

The Ayolta Human Resource Society, was formed with intellectual and dedicated energetic members for the enlistment of the common people and to improve the socio-economic condition of the concern society and individuals, the society was formed with a goal to promote the spirit of fraternity and unity, the society was Registered on 16-12-2003 Vide No. H/RS-3577. The Ayolta Human Resource Society is running Drugs Rehab Centre at Longleng under the Grant-in Aid from Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Government of India. The society has been actively involved in culture, social welfare services and other NGO’s activities for the betterment of the society and benefit of the Naga People. The Society organized Consumer Awareness program under the financial assistances from Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Government of India. The Society organized Youth activities program under the Grant-in Aid from Ministry of Youths Affairs & Sports and during the Month of August the society conduct Cultural program under the Grant-in-aid from Ministry of Culture, Government of India. It aim is to improve infrastructure and development of Naga Society. The Society has organized many program for the betterment of Naga society: Nagas Cultural awareness Drama & Seminar at Nagaland. To help the older persons. Awareness about Technical education, Health education, cancer, AIDS, HIV AIDS, Road safety etc. To organise culture activities rural based on, Drug Abuse and Social evils. To organise camps for Panchayati Raj system working for Children in health, Education and Sports & Games. Has organized book promotion, culture seminar, consumer awareness and a coaching program.

Experiences of the Organization. The organization has well experienced staff and workers and they have full dedication in social activities.

Aims & objective of the organization:

a) To develop all round facilities to disabled in the field of education, Rehabilitation socio-economic condition, sports and other culture activities.

b) For the development of youth & sports activities

c) To promote and develop educational, cultural, economical, professional approach for unemployment among the poor sections.

d) To develop awareness programmes about cancer, AIDS, Road safety and, population control, Modern Sciencetific Agricultural implements, Educational, Pollution and consumer awareness.

e) Our organisation running a Shelter for the needs of women on an average in a month specially for disabled persons this home is a place to Shelter women & men who were in this distress due to different family problems. The home also lanes hands to those persons who are desisted in the whole area of Longleng Block consisting of villages have taken into a programme of community based rehabilitation to light the direct need to take care of the elders who are destitute We responded to it by accommodating them with the local funds. The organisation provides in food, stay health care, recreation and counseling. The elders are provided with all facilities they feel at home. They are visited our school children. This makes them happy. This way our old home has multi dimensional facts.

f) Society works for the benefit of old age people in the Nagaland State in this financial year, survey works are being done for the welfare of old age persons.

g) To organized seminar and other activities related to culture

h) The organization will construct Stadium, Hospital, Museum and hostel for girls & Boys